1 de agosto de 2011

DIY recycled owl totem

One paper tube
Bowl with water
White glue
  1. Fold two parts of the paper tube.
  2. Put tape on the folded parts.
   3. Cut a large circle of felt.
   4. Check that the size of the circle is bigger than the tube.
  5. Fold the felt around the tube.
   6. It doesn't have to be perfect, just like the one shown.
  7. Mix the white glue with water, the same amount of both.
   8. Stir until you have a white mixture.
   9. Take out your newspaper.
   10. Start to chop up the newspaper into small pieces.
   11. Cover the paper tube with the mixture and the newspaper pieces, and wait until it wets dry.
  You should have something like this.
   12. Start to decorate your owl with pencil.
   13. Take out the paint for your owl's body, and paint it.
   When you are don, let it dry for 2 hours.

  14. Add the last details, and done! You have a cute 100% recycled totem!
  Hope you like it!
  xoxo, Monica

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