30 de agosto de 2011

| Featured Seller | Sandra Igbodo |

Please tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Sandra Igbodo and I am a part-time designer-maker with a small business called Tea & Ceremony.  I am based in Lancashire, England, and spend most of my time thinking about new designs.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?

I enjoy visiting antiques mills that specialise in bric-a-brac and I’m always on the lookout for vintage craft books. I enjoy visiting new places, going to food festivals, watching films and reading lovely design blogs of course!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Bright and bold designs are always an inspiration to me whether it is on fabric, ceramic or paper.  I like happy designs like the work of Olle Eksell, Ingela P Arrhenius and Edholm Ullenius.  I am very fond of Scandinavian and folk design.

What would you like to do in the future?

I like the idea of having my own studio/shop so that I could combine a work and retail space and host art and craft workshops for children and adults alike.  I would also love to extend my range to items such as tote bags and screen prints.  I’m working on it!

What does handmade mean to you?

Handmade is an idea conceived independently without considering market value or popularity.   I make the things that I do because I like them and I’m sure that every other designer-maker will say the same.  It’s a bonus that other people like your designs too.  The day that you wake up in the morning and decide to create an item featuring a vampire on it because Twilight’s popular at the moment is a sad day indeed!

How would you describe your creative process?

I have a pocket sketchbook that I carry in my bag.  As soon as I get an idea I draw a quick sketch or make some basic notes about the design.  I then translate the idea into a working design using Adobe Illustrator.  I personally love using graphics software as you are able to change the look and feel of a design swiftly.  I usually try at least a dozen variations before settling on a final version.

Tell us about a funny experience you had while working.

My cat makes me laugh while I’m working as she walks around my work desk and she has a tendency to make herself comfortable right in front of the computer monitor!

Some of Sandra's work:

Don't you just love her?
She is making a giveaway!!
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Good Luck!!
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29 de agosto de 2011

Pencils... are awesome!

Apart of helping us to write and draw all our ideas, are art by themselves...
1. Found here.    2. Found here.
xoxo, Monica

pssst... Come back tomorrow!! (maybe you are a lucky guy!)

28 de agosto de 2011

Vintage + France...

Today I was working on my eiffel tower drawing... I also got some new vintage eyeglasses!
This day Ashlynn got her new blog design! (made by... guess ho?)
Visit her blog here!
xoxo, Monica

pssst... Come round on Tuesday!! (why? It's something about tea and ceremony)

25 de agosto de 2011

1. Nothing is beter than some cute chevron lines!
2. Polka dots are just lovely!
4. I am loving this cute pattern fabric!
5. Newspaper fabrics... what a great idea!
7. Lovely fabrics.... make the world better!

I would looove to show you the new designs I got...
(some fabrics = let's make dresses!)
xoxo, Monica

22 de agosto de 2011

| Featured Seller | ModernButtercup |

Please tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello! I am an eager crafter who loves to create things and daydream. I love to walk barefoot on the beach and collect smooth rocks that fit in the palm of my hand.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I bake cookies, experiment with new recipes, and read books. (I'm a bookworm)

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from photos, illustrations, and often from everyday life. Things that are unique, whimsical, and somewhat quirky are what inspire me most.

What would yo like to do in the future?
That's a hard one. I daydream about the future often, wondering what it will be like. I even have a list! But I would love to own a small bakery, well known for it's cookies.

What does handmade mean to you?
Handmade to me, means a lot of things. When something is handmade, it's made by the person who took time into making it to it's perfection. 

How would you describe your creative process?
My creative process usually starts when I get inspired by something: a smooth rock, a beautiful seashell, a piece of art. I get out my materials and start to "experiment" with different beads and wire. Usually an hour later, I have my finished piece.

Tell us about a funny experience you had while working.
Once, I was trying a new type of wire that I had bought and was wire-wrapping a glass bead to place on a necklace. For some reason, the wire wouldn't stay. I was confused and then looked at the wire I had bought. It was memory wire! :)

Some of her work:

Blog: modernbuttercup.blogspot.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/Modernbuttercup

Thanks so much for being in the handmade blog!
xoxo, Monica

21 de agosto de 2011

Apple store in Playmobil!

I am loving this cute idea about having a tiny apple store!
I hope you like it!
xo, Monica

Good morning!

Say a little hello to this baby hedgehog:
I hope you like him! (or her)
They can work as a cute pin cushion or as a little plush!
This hedgehog will be for sale in the shop at 10:00
With so much love, Monica

20 de agosto de 2011

Thanks so much Jo!!

Hi guys!
Today I had a really cute surprise!
Jo (Joana Horvart) sent me some of her super cute items 
Please take a minute and visit Jo's shop!
I promise, It's full of super cute and original items!!
With so much love, Monica

19 de agosto de 2011

A day more of the life...

Today I made some mini prints for my room!
I have a HUGE mess all around my house...
We are going back to school so... (what can I do?)
Remi don't stop sleeping!
I think he looks very cute so I take them a LOT of photos sleeping!
Want to watch more of these ones? go here.
I can't take of my desserts socks! 
I just love them 
With so much ♥, Monica

18 de agosto de 2011

Be your own shoe designer!

I know every girl loves shoes! But sometimes we just don't find those perfect shoes.
Well, I know you are going to love this new place to create your brand new (DIY) shoes!
Choose the perfect heel, color, and design!
No one can do it better than you, because only you know what you want!

Want to do yours?
I know you want to!
go here.
This ones are mine! haha, pretty weird! But unique!
xoxo, Monica