31 de julio de 2011

Walking in Mexico city...

I really love Mexico city :)
Hope you like it!
xoxo, Monica

{7 things I love} food edition

Good morning!
This is the 7 things I love food edition!
I really got inspired because I am really hungry!

1. The iphone chococase!
I really really loved it so.... I got one!

Want to get one? 
Buy it here.

2. This cute pancake keychains by HappyCosmos!

3. Cute macaroons ring by DIVINEsweetness

4. New York hot dogs!

5. This lovely orange pincushion by pinpinn!

6. This vintage shark by  MaisonPaulette.

7. This cute necklace by weggart.

Hope you like it!
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xoxo, Monica

30 de julio de 2011

A hello treasury!

I LOVE this treasury list by robinhoodcouture!!
I hope you had a very nice day!
xoxo, Monica

| My shopping list |

Hi there!

Today I was thinking about new projects, so I started to purchase supplies...

2 blocks of Fimo polymer clay.
I purchased this ones in  AmazingMiniatures  shop!
I really loved that shop :)
Its full of cute dollhouse, miniatures!

8 sheets of Shrink plastic.
I purchased this ones in Allineedisaname  shop.
A great supplies shop!!

White fold over elastic for hair ties :)
I got these in MarieMayFavorites shop!
A really cute supplies shop too.

Hope this could help you to know where to buy cute supplies!
xoxo, Monica

A little good morning!

Good morning!
I don't have too much time right now, I have to go to the dentist! :(
I will post a 7 things I love post.
Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Monica

29 de julio de 2011

| Featured Seller | Joanna Horvat |

Joanna is a creative artist and a happy etsy seller.

---Please, tell me a little about your self.

I am a teacher and artist that lives in Sydney, Australia.

Art has always been a passion of mine. It was always my favourite subject at school and I went on to study art for many years after school. I love all different kinds of art- painting, ceramics, photography, jewellery design- you name it. I guess that is why my Etsy store has such variety. 

I am always making something... or thinking about what I'm going to make!

--- Apart from creating things, what do you do?

I am a school teacher. Recently, I have been teaching English to grades 7-9. Everyday is an adventure as a teacher! 

In my spare time I love the outdoors- especially visiting beautiful beaches and lakes. I have a passion for food and I love to cook slices and cakes- tried and tested recipes that my mother has passed down. I have a quirky sense of humour and love having a laugh with family and friends. I love comedy series and funny movies too! I really love cats- I tell my students I am a crazy cat lady! I have two at home that require a lot of attention. You will see them pop up into my creations at times!

---What would you like to do in the future?

In the future I want to continue to both teach and create. I want to continue to design and make creations that I would be proud to wear myself. I want to continue to build up my Etsy store, Kite Design, so I can share my passion for creating with more people around the world.

---What does handmade mean to you?
Thinking, designing and making creations that you would be proud to wear yourself, but can't find any where else! 

---How would you describe your creative process?
I am always thinking about new creative ideas and how I can make them come to life. I choose to create things that I would love to wear myself but can't find anywhere else! Often, I think off quirky little things, like retro items, that make me smile. A work, more often than not, starts with a drawing and then turns into a piece of jewelry, a bag or a screen print. 

---Do you like what you do? Why?
I really love what I do because I have always had the desire to create, as well as the hope that I can inspire others too.

Some of Jo's work:

Thanks a lot Jo,
We hope to see your work again soon!
xoxo, Monica

Another lovely treasury list!!

I really love this treasury list by... guess ho? 
triplestudio, Yes, Crystal! :)

Want a blog design?

I really love customizing blogs!!
So if any of you want me to help you with a new blog, just email me!!
As I love doing this a really do it for fair prizes... :)
Blogs I have done...

Thanks for reading!

I really loved it!!

I really, really loved theelmsvintage treasury list!!

DIY Stars headband

Well, for this headband you will need:
1 spool
Yellow thread
Black thread
Yellow felt
Black elastic
 1.Cut the elastic the same size of your head.

 2. Take your scissors and the yellow felt.

3. Snip Snip Snip... keep cutting out little stars.

4. Take a while to admire you little stars.

5. Take your spool and thread and paste your little stars to the black elastic.

6. Paste the other three stars to the elastic

7. Put together the both edges of the black elastic.

I hope you enjoy it!
If you want to purchase the one that I did, please visit:
xoxo, Monica

My newest treasury list...

28 de julio de 2011

Now you can follow us by BLOGLOVIN

Want to be a featured seller?

Well, being a featured seller is kind of awesome, because more people get introduced to your work.
If you want to be a featured seller, just send me a mail with some information about what you do, what you love, and what do you think about handmade.