16 de agosto de 2011

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Digital Camera

Digital is the most commonly used these days. If you already own a camera the expenses are quite low for this. The simplest process is to have someone manning the camera and then have them upload the photos to an online photo site where all the partygoers can access them. Another option is if you will have access to wifi you can connect you camera with a very cheap device called EyeFi that will upload the pictures you take immediately online to a program like Flickr. If you want to print right there you can set up your camera to print with a printer like this. Most printers will print from a memory card or you can set it up with blue tooth to print automatically. I’ve never done this but was told it was pretty simple. (digital photos by Aubrey Trinnaman)

Fuji Instax

This camera is great option for photobooths. The Instax Mini is an instant camera like the polaroid. The shape of the film is smaller than a polaroid (although they’ve begun making a large version). Fortunately this film has not been discontinued and is easier to get. The exposures will end up costing around a $1 per photo. The great part about the Instax is it takes very little skill for an amateur to get a decent exposure. And the best part is you can send the photo home with the guest right there. If you also wanted a digital copy I’ve heard of people quickly scanning the photo before handing it over to the party guest. It makes it a little bit special to use film because you only have one or two chances to get the photo right unlike digital where you can keep taking photos with little cost. (Instax photos by Paul Ferney)

Vintage Polaroid with Fuji Pack Film

I’ve used this camera for a photobooth before and been very happy with the results. Its a more serious camera than say the Instax so you get better quality photos but its still instant so you get the fun feeling of waiting for a photo to turn out. (There are cheaper versions you can get off ebay like this.) You need some camera experience to be able to get the exposure right. But if you have decent light and use the Fujifilm FP-3000B you can get really great indoor photos. The great thing about black and white pack film is when you peel away the photo you are left with a negative so if you have a place at the party to let the negative dry then the next day you can scan in the negatives and reverse the negative in Photoshop. (I have to give Jon Canlas a shout out for teaching me how to do this!) Its the best of both worlds because you can send people home with a print and still keep a version to turn digital. (Polaroid-Fuji photos by Paul Ferney)


Holga is a toy film camera that shoots in medium format film. With this camera you get fun square shaped prints. Holgas usually get the best results in bright sunlight so if your party is during the day this is a great option. Since it is a film camera your only option is to get the film developed and scanned and put it online later for your friends to see. Lots of limitations with this one but the photos turn out so great with all the unpredictable light leaks that this one is still one of our favorites. (Holga photo by Jonathan Canlas)
Some other cute cameras...

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