25 de septiembre de 2011

New blog?

Hi guys!
I've been working on the possible new blog..
what do you think?
your opinion is really important to me!

xoxo, Monica

23 de septiembre de 2011

We want to grow...

Hi there!
Today I was thinking about upgrading my blog...
to a typepad one!
I would love to continue meeting you in the other blog!

I love you so!


21 de septiembre de 2011

Silly drawings and a lovely find...

Today I was just drawing non-sense things like these ones...
I also found a really creative and lovely idea! ( I get so excited about new inventions! )



20 de septiembre de 2011

Profile update!

Hi guys!!
Yep, I am back! (:
I had some awesome days in Cancun.... the beach was lovely! Of course, I will post some photos later.

Today I am telling so much more about me, at the beginning I was kind of scared because there are a lot of nasty people out there!

I post it on my Etsy profile:

I am Monica Is so nice to meet you (: 
I am a 13 years old girl with a creative soul and a happy spirit, I have a little pomeranian named Remi, he is my endless company.
I am really thankful with my mother, she believes in me and I just love her, for me, she is the most amazing woman in the universe (:
I know all of us sons and daughters think that about our parents.... because it is absolutely true! 
Of course, I am a student! I know it sounds weird but I love school (;
I normally spend my time thinking and thinking... about what? I don't know! my ideas are just like random! 
I think life it's like a popsicle! You can enjoy it or not, anyway it will melt!
I really love doing handmade stuff and any kind of crafty activity! 
I think that baking and cooking is something lovely we can do! I wish I was good for baking! (:
Anyway I have butterfingers! 
I love you so much (;

Thank you for reading my profile!!


This is my 100 post! 
thank you so much for making this real!

14 de septiembre de 2011


Hi guys! I am really excited because tomorrow I am going to Cancun!

I will post some photos later! I love you so much, Monica